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Multidimensional Understanding of Tie Strength

An article “The weakness of tie strength” in the current issue of Social Networks unpacked three elements related to the strength of ties: capacity, frequency, and redundancy. The case with an email network shows that the three elements are not highly correlated and are likely to reflect different dimensions of ties.... read more »


Facebook’s ‘Voter Megaphone’ in National Election

Facebook’s ‘Voter Megaphone’ in National Election

Some facts first: It’s the most wide-open Senate and Governor election in a decade; Young people (Facebook user base) are more Democratic but less likely to get out to vote; There is a strong social influence and peer pressure in social networks. Tomorrow, Facebook’s high-profile button that proclaims “I’m... read more »


Privacy Leaks: Snapchat

Privacy Leaks: Snapchat

After Apple’s celebrity photo leaks, now it comes to everyone. CNN Money reported that numerous third-party apps like SaveSnap, SnapBox and SnapSpy offer to save incoming photos. And some of them got hacked. We are back to the square one of network security: usability vs. privacy. How to protect personal communication... read more »


Internet use predicts your politics

Scarborough consumer data suggests that the way you use the Internet reflects your political preference and likelihood of voting. Their chart shows some interesting patterns: people tracking sports and financial information are more likely to vote Republican; people listening to music or looking for a job are more likely... read more »


How Much Is Your Facebook Page Worth?

A short answer: less than $4/month. Data brokering is a multibillion dollar industry to collect, analyze and sell your personal information. Would you rather sell it by yourself? Tom Brewster @ BBC put his information on EBay including “one month’s worth of browsing history, posts from Facebook and Twitter accounts,... read more »


Presentation in INSNA 2013 Xi’an

Yun Huang presented a paper “Algorithms for User Recommendation in Social Networks” in the International Network for Social Network Analysis 2013 Conference Xi’an on July 13th. This study compared four link prediction algorithms using Tencent Weibo dataset from KDD CUP 2012 (slides). The work is based... read more »


Team assembly paper published in Social Networks

Paper titled Motivations for self-assembling into project teams by Mengxiao Zhu, Yun Huang, and Noshir Contractor has been published in Social Networks, Volume 35, Issue 2, May 2013. Available at    read more »


Yun Huang presented in ICSN at Austin TX

June 3rd, Dr. Yun Huang presented the paper “Distance Matters: Exploring Proximity and Homophily in a Virtual World” co-authored with Cuihua Shen and Noshir Contractor in the First International Conference of Theory and Applications of Social Networks at Austin, Texas. This study analyzes the impacts of distance, time... read more »


SONIC Fudan Collaboration

SONIC Fudan Collaboration

The Chinese Marketing Research Center at Fudan University and the Science of Networks in Communities (SONIC) Laboratory at Northwestern University have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote academic collaboration in research and education.  The two research centers will work with Shanda Game to expand the... read more »


Encounter in Virtual Space

Yun Huang presented the paper “Encounter in Virtual Space” in INFORMS 2010 at Austin Texas on November 10th 2010. Here are the presentation slides.  read more »