Powerpoint Presentations

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Day 1

1. Brian Uzzi: Atypical Combinations and Scientific Impact

2. Andrea Hollingshead: Transactive Memory Errors in Teams


3. Joe Labianca: Individuals’ Formal Power in Groups and Their Social Network Accuracy: A Situated Cognition Perspective

4. Anita Wooley: Collective Intelligence in Human Groups

5. Noshir Contractor: Some Assembly Required: Organizing in the 21st century

6. Balazs Vedres: The Network of Innovative Teams: Structural Folds with Cognitive Distance


7. Leslie DeChurch: Impact of Leadership Network Structure on the Creative Output of Cross-Functional Multiteam Systems

8. Ethan Bernstein: Seeing too much: Too much insight? Too little insight? An Attention-Driven view of Organizational Productivity

9. Sandy Pentland: The Social Physics of Team Performance

Day 2

10. Jiawei Han: Mining and Exploring Semi-Structured, Heterogeneous Social and Information Networks Distance

11. Ray Reagans: Knowledge Utilization, Coordination, and Team Performance

12. Jonathan Cummings: The Impact of Prior Collaboration Ties on Group Heterogeneity and Productivity in Research

13. Judy Olson: Quo Imus

14. Boleslaw “Bolek” Szymanski: Quo Imus