Leslie DeChurch


Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University
Director of the ATLAS Research Group (Advancing Teams, Leaders, and Systems)

Email: dechurch@northwestern.edu


Leslie DeChurch’s research investigates teamwork and leadership in organizations. She is Professor of Communication Studies and leads the Northwestern ATLAS lab: Advancing Teams, Leaders, and Systems. Her current work explores the dynamics through which teams form, and how these dynamics affect their performance as teams, and their ability to work as larger organizational systems (multiteam systems). The ATLAS lab conducts experimental laboratory studies, meta-analytic integrations, and field studies of teams and leaders to understand core organizing processes. Such processes include leadership networks, team cognition, team conflict and motivation, and team information sharing. Her current research seeks to build high-functioning teams that work in scientific innovation, space exploration, healthcare, and the military. The ATLAS research portfolio is currently supported by the NSF, NIH, NASA, and ARO. DeChurch has a PhD in Organizational Psychology and is a fellow of the American Psychological Association, American Psychological Society, and the Society of Industrial & Organizational Psychology.