Niloufar Izadinia

Graduate Student Researcher

Office: Frances Searle Building, 1.459C


Research Interests: Social Network Analysis, Optimization,  and Data Science

Project Contributions: NASA Team Task SwitchingIntegrating Multi-team Membership, Multi-team Systems, Multitasking, & Multidimensional Networks to Monitor & Enable Functional Work Shifts in Astronaut Crews


Niloufar is a Ph.D. Candidate at Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences (IEMS).


M.S. in Industrial Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Selected Publications and Presentations

Izadinia, N., DeChurch, L., Contractor, N., & Waechter, A. (2019, January). Introducing a measure for calculating the efficiency of work in space. Paper presented at 2019 Management Science Workshop, Santa Cruz, Chile.

Izadinia, N., DeChurch, L., Contractor, N., & Waechter, A. (2019, January). Using optimization methods to benchmark performance in space multi-team systems (MTS). Poster presented at NASA 2019 Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop (HRP IWS), Galveston, TX

Izadinia, N., & Eshghi, K. (2016). A robust mathematical model and ACO solution for multi-floor discrete layout problem with uncertain locations and demands. Computers & Industrial Engineering96, 237-248.

Izadinia, N., Eshghi, K., & Salmani, M. H. (2014). A robust model for multi-floor layout problem. Computers & Industrial Engineering78, 127-134.