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Noshir Contractor appointed as a member of Decadal Survey of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Applications to National Security Committee

This new project will carry out a decadal survey on the social and behavioral  sciences (SBS) in areas relevant to national security. The survey will identify opportunities that are poised to contribute significantly to the intelligence community’s analytic responsibilities. Please follow the link for the full statement... read more »


Noshir Contractor presented at a CITEP conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Noshir Contractor presented at a CITEP conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina

On March 13th Nosir Contractor presented at a conference titled “Assembly required. Organizing in the 21st century”. The conference was organized by the Center for Technological and Pedagogical Innovation (CITEP – Centro de Innovación en Tecnología y Pedagogía) of the University of Buenos Aires in... read more »


Eric Forbush, a former SONIC member, was awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Eric Forbush, former SONIC Lab Manager and a post-baccalaureate researcher! Eric is now a graduate student at PENN, studying towards his PhD at the Annenberg School of Communication. For the 2017 competition, NSF received over 13,000 applications, and made 2,000 award offers. We are proud of Eric for... read more »


Global patterns of synchronization in human communications

by Alfredo J. Morales, Vaibhav Vavilala, Rosa M. Benito, Yaneer Bar-Yam Social media are transforming global communication and coordination and provide unprecedented opportunities for studying socio-technical domains. Here we study global dynamical patterns of communication on Twitter across many scales. Underlying the... read more »


Snap: Rewriting ‘Art of War’ for social networking — by not documenting anything

Social networks may be the most valuable and durable types of businesses powered by “network effects,” the phenomenon of products or services becoming more powerful the more people use them. The social-networking companies in our recently launched Network Effect Index — a group of current and formerly public consumer-Web... read more »


SONIC presented at the Northwestern MTS and TSB graduate recruitment event

SONIC presented at the Northwestern MTS and TSB graduate recruitment event

SONIC is always committed to attracting great people to work with us. These weeks are busy with graduate recruitment events, as the applicants for the next academic year are making the final decisions about where to pursue their graduate studies. We presented four posters in the Frances Searle Building at the School of... read more »


Mathematical Model Reveals the Patterns of How Innovations Arise

Mathematical Model Reveals the Patterns of How Innovations Arise

The work could lead to a new approach to the study of what is possible, and how it follows from what already exists. Innovation is one of the driving forces in our world. The constant creation of new ideas and their transformation into technologies and products forms a powerful cornerstone for 21st century society. Indeed,... read more »


Noshir Contractor presented at the Prevention Science Methodology Group (PSMG)

On February 21, 2017, Noshir presented on “Testing Multitheoretical, Multilevel Hypotheses about Networks” at the Prevention Science Methodology Group (PSMG) – a weekly “virtual” grand rounds presentations that take place via recorded conference calls, accompanied by slides. These talks are organized... read more »


Research networks ‘more important’ for female scientists

Study finds a stronger correlation for women between success and being central to a network Being well connected is more important for women who want to get ahead in science than men, a study suggests. By analyzing how patterns of research collaboration relate to scientific outcomes, US statisticians found that highly cited... read more »


Noshir Contractor presented in a colloquium at Stanford University, CA

On February 13, 2017 Noshir Contractor presented on Bridging the Boundary, while Minding the Seams: Boundary Propensities in Multiteam Systems in a colloquium held at the Center for Work, Technology, and Organization, Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University, CA.  read more »