Data Science Interns

Rashmi Alawani

Year: Class of 2023 at Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy 
Role: High School Intern
Projects: STRONG
Interests: Tobelli, which is a company I founded that makes bioplastic out of tobacco stalks. Lab work and prototyping 

Sarah Brown

Year: Class of 2023
Major: Psychology, Segal Design Certificate, and Integrated Marketing Certificate 
Role: Social Media Manager
Interests: Marketing, market research, human centered design, hiking, and music 

Annie Chen

Year: Class of 2023
Major: Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences, Economics, and minor in Data Science
Projects: Project RED Relay, STRONG
Interests: Social science models and data analysis, table-tennis, drawing, traveling, and German

Jessica Cheng

Year: Class of 2024
Major: Communication Studies and Economics
Projects: My Dream Team
Interests: Behavioral Science, decision-making, basketball, fashion, and K-pop 

Julia Chu

Year: Class of 2024
Major: Communication Studies and Computer Science 
Projects: ESM
Interests: Dancing, photography, and films

Eleanor Colligan

Year: Class of 2023
Major: Statistics and Data Science
Projects: My Dream Team
Interests: Data exploration, data modeling, writing and reading poetry, hiking 

Madison DeChurch

Year: Class of 2023 at Winter Park High School, Winter Park, FL
Role: High School Intern
Projects: NASA
Interests: Psychology, film-making, and travel  

Victoria Deng

Year: Class of 2024
Major: Communication Studies, Economics, Minor in Computer Science
Projects: STRONG
Interests: Hiking, traveling, and photography 

Akshya Dhinakaran

Year: Class of 2023
Major: MMSS and Statistics, Data Science Minor
Research Project: Science of Science
Interests: Data science, healthcare, and tennis

Rachel Estafanous 

Year: Class of 2023
Major: Psychology 
Role: Website Manager
Interests:  Web design, graphic design, painting, and marketing

Carli Kelley

Year: Class of 2024
Major: School of Communication
Project: Enterprise Social Media
Interests: Sports, music, reading, and dancing

Olga Lew-Kiedroska
Year: Class of 2024
Major: Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences
Research Project: Social Sentinel/NSF Car Project
Interest: Behavioral science, game theory, data science, tennis, art, and baking
Sharon Lin
Year: Class of 2024
Major: Data Science, Economics, and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences
Project: NSF Car Project
Interest: Data visualization, social & behavioral sciences, cafe-hopping, cooking & baking
Selena Rocha
Year: Class of 2024
Major: Biology on Pre-med track
Role: Social Media Intern
Project: ICA Podcast Network
Interest: Painting, popular culture, and traveling
Mika Ng
Year: Class of 2024
Major: Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences 
Project: NEK, STRONG
Interest: Human factors, supply chain management, and operations research
Yun Teng
Year: Class of 2022
Major: Biology on Pre-med track
Project: Safe Bets
Interest: Natural language processing, deep learning, and social network analysis
Ploenta (Ploen) Voraprukpisut
Year: Class of 2024 Masters Program
Major: Computer Science
Project: My Dream Team
Interest: baking and cooking
Vicky (Chumei) Wei 
Year: Class of 2023
Major: Economics and Statistics, Kellogg certificate in Financial Economics 
Project: RED
Interests: Ultimate Frisbee and cooking, all kinds of food!
Molly Whalen 
Year: Class of 2024
Major: Industrial Engineering and Cognitive Science
Project: NEK
Interest: AI, Human-centered design, hiking, and reading
Skyler (Muchen) Zhong
Year: Class of 2024 at University of Rochester
Major: Data Science and Economics. Minor in Statistics and Digital Media Studies
Project: STRONG
Interest: Data analysis and visualization, piano, and drawing
Erica Ewing Zhou 
Year: Class of 2024
Major: Data Science and Economics
Project: RED
Interest: Machine learning, HCI, Behavioral Science, Go (Chess), Movies, Volleyball, Cooking, Oil Painting

Yiqi (Grace) Zhu

Year: Class of 2024
Major: Communication Studies and Data Science
Project: STRONG
Interests: computational social science, human-computer interaction, photography and traveling