Influence Strategy Wizard

A decision support system for the Technical Support Unit (TSU) in India

My Dream Team Assembler

A we-based platform to facilitate the formation of teams


A web application that demonstrates the principle of ‘six degrees of separation’ as well as to study how people interact with each other through their strong and weak contacts (or close friends and acquaintances).

Relational Analytics Dashboard (RAD)

Using network data generated in Enterprise Social Media to provide predictive analytics about employee behavior.

Network Canvas

Software to simplify complex network and data collection.


Tool for Evaluating and Mitigating Space Team Risks

3D Netscope

A network assessment exercise to help solve organizational problems such as crisis management, leadership and succession planning, and team assembly.


A software developed for a longitudinal cohort study to understand multilevel influences on HIV and substance use in a YMSM Cohort Young men who have sex with men.





A software developed that will follow the first links of a chain of Wikipedia pages until you enter a loop. 

Past software projects

Here you find links to our archived software. Some of the tools and products developed at SONIC will still be usable.