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Undergraduate Internship Opportunities 

We have opportunities for undergraduate students to join us as Data Science Interns, and receive class credit or payment for research work in the lab. There is a possibility to extend the internship to subsequent quarters. Recognized undergraduate Data Science interns may be offered paid research positions. Contact Dorothea Boyle ( or Noshir Contractor ( with questions.

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Other Opportunities

The members of SONIC Research Group are often funded by research grants as well as scholarships from the Media, Technology and Society program and the Technology and Social Behavior program. Additionally, opportunities from the Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences program include the Murphy fellowships as well as the Benjamen K. Sachs Graduate Fellowship (area of organizational theory and systems). SONIC also employs a variety of undergraduates and interns for research assistant and production tasks.

Podcast Producers/Editors

We are looking to hire as many as four podcast producers/editors. These individuals will work on new shows launching on the International Communication Association (ICA) Podcast Network. Contact Aldo Diaz Caballero ( with questions.

Detailed description can be found here.

Undergraduate Researchers

Undergraduate students with independent research, capstone projects, or senior thesis are encouraged to reach out to the Lab Director Noshir Contractor ( to discuss mentorship through SONIC Lab.

Media, Technology, and Society Ph.D. Program

MTS is an interdisciplinary program that provides a graduate environment for innovative research in the study of media and communications technologies. It allows students great autonomy both within MTS and the University at large to design individual programs of study. Drawing on the University’s diverse resources and distinguished faculty, MTS encourages research on historical, contemporary, and emerging media that challenges traditional disciplinary boundaries and assumptions.


Visiting Scholars

SONIC has hosted visiting scholars from the United States, and other countries (China, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy) for periods ranging from one week to one year. We welcome visiting scholars who are PhD students, Postdoctoral scholars, as well as faculty members. To inquire about current availability please contact the Lab Director Noshir Contractor.

"I am participating in the "CI-KNOW" project to construct related knowledge recommend model, in regards to the similarity of keywords based on relevant articles and authors."
Baozhen Li
Jiangsu University of Science & Technology
September 2010 - September 2011


Postdoctoral Fellows

"Post-docs will guide research assistants, investigate various theoretical and conceptual research topics in social and knowledge networks, implement network algorithms and analysis, write papers, and coordinate research projects."
Yun Huang
Postdoctoral Fellow
September 2007 - August 2018

Graduate Researchers

SONIC Research Lab offers graduate students interested in social network analysis opportunities to be involved in a variety of projects, including studies of virtual worlds, team-assembly and collaboration, and community-based information and communication networks. Depending on the project, responsibilities participating in and/or managing data collection, conducting analysis, and preparing reports and publications.

"The lab offers graduate students a constructive environment for developing their own ideas and pursue their own research interests relevant to social networks."
Lindsay Young
Ph.D Committee Member
2009 - 2014

Software Developers

"Responsibilities will involve collaboration with a diverse team to develop social networking capabilities that interface with our existing platform: a web-based software tool for survey, analysis, visualization, and recommendation. This individual will be involved at all stages of the project, starting from the initial planning stages. She/he must be able to collaborate well with non-programming researchers."
York Yao
Senior Software Developer
August 2007 - October 2012

Available Positions



Northwestern University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer, and welcomes applications from women and members of underrepresented groups.