Past Projects

Chilean Student Movement

The role of social movement organizations in Twitter: Evidence from the Chilean StudentMovement


Team composition and long duration space exploration (LDSE)


Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

Engineering Design

Multidimensional Network Analysis for Analyzing and Predicting Complex Customer-Product Relations in Engineering Design

Family Planning (BMFG)

Scaling up Family Planning in Kenya 

MTS Simulation

The Coevolution of Multi-dimensional Dynamic Networks of Multi-team Systems Related to Organization Effectiveness


Fostering Effective Online Discussion in Higher Education with ‘Nebula’, a Graphical Interface for Discussion Boards


Large: Collaborative Research: Contagion in Large Socio- communication Networks 

NGS2 – Montage

Developing methods and tools for the “next generation” of social science by completing several experiments involving collective identity


Effects of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Flow Experience of Social Network Sites for Seniors and the Moderating Role of Anxiety Attachment


Integrated Research Center for Network Sciences Collaborative Technology Alliance Army Research Laboratory


Planning Knowledge Networks for Scaling Up Impact


Research Coordination Network on Leveraging Computational Social Science for Understanding Virtual Organizations


System for Counterfactual Human Network Evaluation of Individual Differences, Errors, and Residuals


Annual Science of Team Science Conference

Scientific Workforce

Modeling scientific workforce dynamics using social network analysis


Leveraging Shared Social Interest in a Content Centric Internet

Synthetic Information Systems

Synthetic Information Systems for Better Informing Public Health Policymakers

Team Assembly (Socio-cognitive networks)

Socio-Cognitive Networks: Theory & Data Driven Approaches for Understanding the Assembly and Interaction Networks of High Performance Teams

Team DNA 

Analyzing successful team dynamics in health fields 


Understanding Online Creative Collaboration Over Multidimensional Networks