Computational Social Science Graduate Seminar

The multi-institutional Computational Social Science Graduate Seminar co-offered at Northwestern University, the University of Wisconsin Madison, and the University of Pennsylvania in the winter and spring quarters of 2016 featured weekly lectures from experts in the field. In service to the Computational Social Science community we captured video of the speakers, and have made them all available online.

The list of speakers and links to their videos can be found below:

Uri Wilensky:

Munmun De Choudhury:

Paul Resnick:

Noshir Contractor:

Joe Cappella:

Damon Centola:

Duncan Watts:

Ron Burt:

Sandra Gonzalez Bailon:

Lada Adamic:

Lyle Ungar:

Michael Macy:

Dhavan Shah:

Catalina Toma:

Jen Golbeck:

Introduction Session: