Influence Strategy Wizard

Influence Strategy Wizard:

Previously funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Award number OPP1084322.

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The overall purpose of this project is to map the knowledge networks, attitudes, organizational resources, and knowledge of government officials, development partner officials, and program employees in several districts in Bihar, India at the outset of a campaign to reduce the rates of infant mortality, fertility, and malnutrition and to increase immunization coverage.
The Influence Strategy Wizard is meant to serve as a decision support system for the Technical Support Unit (TSU) in India to identify optimal strategies about “who” to influence and “how” to influence for scaling-up of family-health technical and management interventions from innovation districts to scale-up districts. The wizard recommendations are made based on algorithms that draw upon state-of-the science in social network and social influence. They utilize data obtained from surveys designed to determine (i) the knowledge networks of government officials, development partner officials, and TSU program employees, (ii) existing attitudes and knowledge about identified intervention strategies, (iii) the congruent and conflicting local and global objectives among various stakeholders, and (iv) the organizational context in which the campaign interventions are being implemented.

Influence Strategy Wizard Case Study


Noshir Contractor


Anup Sawant, Harshad Gado, Raja Lalith Sabbisetti

Case Study Developer:

Jasmine Wu