A Hierarchical Multidimensional Network-based Approach for Multi-Competitor Product Design

(Funded by NSF)

Combining engineering design, design theory with network science

Enterprise Social Media

(Funded by NSF)

Teaming in the Time of Covid-19 and Transitioning out of Covid-19

My Dream Team

(Funded by ARL, NIH, NSF, Northwestern University Office of the Provost)

A web-based team recommender tool developed by SONIC to facilitate the assembly process of project teams

NASA Team Task Switching

(Funded by NASA)

Investigating Novel Elements Related to Interruption Attributes


(Funded by NASA)

Crew Recommender for Effective Work in Space


(Funded by NASA)

Shared Cognitive Architectures for Long-Term Exploration


(Funded by NASA)

Composing teams with TEAMSTaR: Tool for Evaluating and Mitigating Space Team Risk

Network Canvas

(Funded by NIH)

Development, Hardening, and Dissemination of a Software Suite for the Collection of Complex Network and Contextual Data in HIV and Drug Research


(Funded by NIH)

Multilevel Influences on HIV and Substance use in a YMSM Cohort

Safe Bets and Risky Propositions

(Funded by NSF)

Leveraging Rich Data to Understand Scientific Diversity, Impact, and Potential of Teams

Science of Teams Science

(Funded by NIH)

Understanding and Assembling Dream Teams to Conduct Clinical and Translational Science

Simulating Modeling to Understand and Address HIV Disparities in Racial Ethnic and Sexual Minority Populations

(Funded by NIH)

Understanding the social contextual dynamics which lead to disparities in HIV

The Signatures of Success in Human-Agent Teams

(Funded by ARL)

Extending extant theories of human teams to human-autonomy teaming

Team DNA

(Funded by ARL)

Team Dynamics, Networks, and Analytics

Wearable Devices for Monitoring Social Networks

(Funded by ARL)

Capturing physiological and social networking information with wireless sensors

Past Projects

Information about SONIC Research Group’s past grants