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Journal Articles:

Fu, J. S., Schumate, M., & Contractor, N. (in press). Organizational and individual innovation decisions in an interorganizational system: Social influence and Decision-making authority. Journal of Communication.

Mell, J. N., Mell, J. N., DeChurch, L., Contractor, N., & Leenders, R. (2020). Identity Asymmetries: An experimental investigation of social identity and information exchange in multiteam systems. Academy of Management Journal.

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Contractor, N. (2019). A “modest proposal” on writing that is not modest enough. [Forum commentary on the article “On writing in communication and media studies” by Boczkowski P. & M. Delli Carpini]. International Journal of Communication, 14, Forum 432-435.

Hogan, B., Janulis, P., Phillips II, G., Melville, J., Mustanski, B., Contractor, N., & Birkett, M. (2019). Assessing the stability of ego-centered networks over time using the digital participant-aided sociogram tool Network Canvas. Network Science. 1-19. doi:10.1017/nws.2019.27

Hilbert, M., Barnett, G., Blumenstock, J., Contractor, N., Diesner, J., Frey, S., … Zhu, J. J. H. (2019). Computational Communication Science: A Methodological Catalyzer for a Maturing Discipline. International Journal of Communication, 13(0), 3912-3934.

Larson, L., Wojcik, H., Gokhman, I., DeChurch, L., Bell, S., & Contractor, N. (2019). Team performance in space crews: Houston, we have a teamwork problem. Acta Astronautica, 161, 108–114.

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Kim, M. J., Lee, C.-K., & Contractor, N. S. (2018). Seniors’ usage of mobile social network sites: Applying theories of innovation diffusion and uses and gratificationsComputers in Human Behavior, 90, 60-73. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2018.08.046

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Mukherjee, A., Xiao, P., Chang, H., Wang, L., & Contractor, N. (2017). Plebeian Bias: Selecting Crowdsourced Creative Designs for Commercialization. Submitted to SSRN.

Sha, Z., Huang, Y., Fu, J.S., Wang, M., Fu, Y., Contractor, N., & Chen, W. (2018). A Network-Based Approach to Modeling and Predicting Product Co-Consideration Relations. Complexity, 2018(3), 1–14.

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Pilny, A., Schecter, A., Poole, M. S., & Contractor, N. (2016). An illustration of the relational event model to analyze group interaction processes. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice:: Special Issue on Statistical Methods. 20(3), 181-195. doi:10.1037/gdn0000054.

Ghasemian, F., Zamanifar, K., Ghasem-Aqaee, N., & Contractor, N. (2016). Toward a better scientific collaboration success prediction model through the feature space expansion. Scientometrics, (1-25). doi: 10.1007/s11192-016-1999-x

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Conference Papers & Proceedings: