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A must read book for social network analysts: Exponential Random Graph Models for Social Networks – Cambridge University Press

Exponential Random Graph Models for Social Networks – Cambridge University Press.  read more »


How to get started with p*/ERGM

What’s all this about p*/ERGM? So you’ve just experienced Prof. Noshir Contractor’s keynote, and he was all over this new-fangled technique for the statistical modeling of social networks, and you’ve never heard of it. Curious? Try one of these articles from our collaborators, generally acknowledged... read more »


Yuval Kalish Workshop

Yuval Kalish Workshop

Yuval Kalish, an assistant professor in the Department of Management of Tel Aviv University will be leading a workshop on Wednesday, September 14 from 2:00-5:30 pm in Frances Searle, Room 1.459. This workshop provides a hands-on tutorial on how to fit Exponential Random Graph (ERG) Models for social selection using Pnet. If... read more »


Yuval Kalish SONIC Speaker Series

Visiting scholar Yuval Kalish will be presenting “Till Stress Do Us Part: Linking Communication networks, Stress and Voluntary Exit in Extreme Contexts”  on Monday, August 29, 2011 10:30-11:30 a.m. Research has linked stress with various withdrawal behaviors, including voluntary exit from groups. research also... read more »


Gold farming conference acceptances

The VWO gold farming team has had several papers accepted for presentation at upcoming conferences. Keegan, B., Ahmad, M., Williams, D., Srivastava, J., Contractor, N. (2011). “Mapping Gold Farming Back to Offline Clandestine Organizations: Methodological, Theoretical, and Ethical Challenges.” Game Behind the... read more »