C-IKNOW Survey


Website: http://ciknow.northwestern.edu

Contact: Willem Pieterson (wpieterson@northwestern.edu)

C-IKNOW Survey is a powerful web-based software tool for social network analysis investigation. It has been designed around real-world problems, and it can store and analyze virtually any type of network data. The documentation provides a basic step-by-step walkthrough of how to get started on a C-IKNOW project as well as more advanced support, including the C-IKNOW Question-Type Primer. C-IKNOW’s visualization and analytics suite allows both administrators and users to access visualizations, recommendation tools, and analytical measures for their networks.

As of September 2012, C-IKNOW Survey is no longer under active development. It can still be used, but no support is available. It should be used at your own risk The source code for C-IKNOW Survey is available on GitHub, for anyone to maintain or use themselves

(see https://github.com/organizations/soniclab).

Here is a demonstration of visualization, one of C-IKNOW’s key features:

C-IKNOW development is supported primarily by grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) (KDI, Award #9980109; CI-KNOW, Award #753047) & and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
©2009 Noshir Contractor, Science of Networks in Communities (SONIC), Northwestern University, Evanston IL