The Oncofertility Consortium® is a national, interdisciplinary, multi-institutional collaborative team aimed at exploring the reproductive future of cancer survivors.  The goal of the Oncofertility Consortium® is to build a new interdisciplinary field at the intersection of oncology and reproductive medicine.

Within the Oncofertility project, SONIC researchers investigate how the collaboration networks of medical specialists, scientists, and scholars evolve in time using both survey and bibliometric data. The survey data has been collected using the C-IKNOW tool, an application developed by the SONIC research group. The intermediary goal is to measure the impact of the Oncofertility Consortium on the growth and continuation of interdisciplinary research and collaborations on issues related to oncofertility.

Additionally, SONIC researchers investigate the impact of collaboration on the emergence and development of the oncofertility scientific field. The final goal of the project is to map the emergence of scientific collaborations in multiple contexts.

Researchers involved:
Noshir Contractor
Alina Lungeanu

This research is supported by the Oncofertility Consortium NIH: UL1DE019587.