CCAP data collection begins in South Chicago

SONIC’s Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP) research team has launched its second full-scale network survey study in the South Chicago community.  The objective of the study is to map the information and communication networks of residents, especially as they relate to community/household and climate change related issues.  Information about these networks will be leveraged to inform and guide the city-wide CCAP Initiative. Data collection in South Chicago is scheduled to take place through the end of May.

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Conference Acceptances Featuring CCAP work

International Sunbelt Social Network Conference (February 2011):
Young, L., & Contractor, N. (Feb 2011). Individual, tie, and network level predictors of access to social capital: Applying multi-level analysis to the study of ego-network capital. Paper presented at the 2011 International Sunbelt Social Network Conference, St. Pete Beach, FL.

International Communication Association Conference (May 2011):
Young, L., & Pieterson, W. (May 2011). Government to citizen communication in a networked world: †Integrating network and communication theories to inform strategic communication. Paper presented at the 2011 International Communication Association Conference, Boston, MA.
* Also to be presented at the ICA Strategic Communication Pre-Conference (May 26, 2011)

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