SONIC Presence at the 32nd Sunbelt conference

Sunbelt is the annual conference organized by the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA). It is the leading conference for scholars in Social Network Analysis. This year (2012) the conference takes place in Redondo Beach, CA from March 13-18. A total of 10 members from the Sonic lab participate in the conference by giving paper presentations, participating in panels or giving workshops.

Below you find a list of all contributions and downloadable presentations.

  • Alina Lungeanu, Yun Huang & Noshir Contractor (2012) A network perspective on success in collaboration: Stop citing me for your own good?           
  • Alina Lungeanu, Toshio Murase, Dorothy Carter and Noshir Contractor (2012) A Hypergraph Approach to Understanding the Assembly of Scientific Research Teams
  • Mengxiao Zhu, Alina Lungeanu & Noshir Contractor (2012) Growth of New Scientific Fields: the Case of Oncofertility
  • Yun Huang, Chuang Zhang, Maryam Fazel-Zarandi, Hugh Devlin, Alina Lungeanu, Stanley Wasserman & Noshir Contractor (2012) Comparing efficacy of link prediction models for expert recommender systems
  • Curie Chang, Alina Lungeanu, Brian Keegan, Joe Gilborne & Noshir Contractor (2012) Multidimensional Networks in Crowdsourced Collaboration
  • Anthony Vashevko, Curie Chang & Noshir Contractor (2012) Assembling teams for success: how research teams win funding
  • Mengxiao Zhu, Amy Wax, Leslie Dechurch & Noshir Contractor (2012) Teamwork at the Hyper-Edge: Impact of Team Hyperedge Structures on Performance
  • Brian Keegan (2012) Comparative Analysis of Coauthorship Networks on Wikipedia Breaking News Articles
  • Ryan Whalen (2012) Reconceptualizing Precedent Depreciation: Using tree network growth to measure and compare court decisions
  • Willem Pieterson, Zachary Johnson & Noshir Contractor (2012). Using the all new C-IKNOW to collect survey network data and explore these networks.



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