Integrated Research Center for Network Sciences Collaborative Technology Alliance Army Research Laboratory

Funded by the Army Research Laboratory (subcontract from BBN Technologies), Award number W911NF-09-02-0053.

The Network Science Collaborative Technology Alliance (NS CTA) is a collaborative research alliance between the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL), other government researchers, and a Consortium of four research centers:

  1. SCNAR, the Social/Cognitive Academic Research Center
  2. INARC, the  Information Networks Academic Research Center
  3. CNARC, the Communications Networks Academic Research Center
  4. IRC, Interdisciplinary Research Center

The Alliance unites research across organizations, technical disciplines, and research areas to address the critical technical challenges of the Army and Network-Centric Warfare (NCW). Its purpose is to perform foundational cross-cutting research on network science, resulting in greatly enhanced human performance for network-enabled warfare and in greatly enhanced speed and precision for complex military operations.

SONIC participates in the INARC and IRC

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