Contractor and Chen Present at Segal Design at Intersections Series

On November 15th, Noshir Contractor and Wei Chen discussed the usage of network science in building teams and supporting design preference modeling!

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New Publication in the Journal of Applied Psychology!

Congratulations to Jasmine Wu, Brennan Antone, Arshya Srinivas, Leslie DeChurch and Noshir Contractor on publishing a paper with the Journal of Applied Psychology! The paper is titled “Teamwork in the Time of COVID-19: Creating, Dissolving, and Reactivating Network Ties in Response to a Crisis”


Wu, Y. J., Antone, B., Srinivas, A., DeChurch, L., & Contractor, N. (2021). Teamwork in the time of COVID-19: Creating, dissolving, and reactivating network ties in response to a crisis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(10), 1483–1492.

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Congratulations for the Bill Eadie Distinguished Scholarly Article Award!

Congratulations to Sophie Fu, Michelle Shumate and Noshir Contractor for receiving the Bill Eadie Distinguished Scholarly Article Award for NCA’s Applied Communication Division this year! They received this award for the article submission “Organizational and individual innovation decisions in an interorganizational system: Social influence and decision-making authority”.

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SONIC and ATLAS Labs Training Teams for SIRIUS Space Mission

SONIC is proud to partner with the ATLAS lab in training the Northwestern University twin teams for the SIRIUS 21 240-day simulated space mission which “launched” on Thursday November 4, 2021 at the Nazemnyy Eksperimental’nyy Kompleks in Moscow! These Martian analysis teams will work with SIRIUS 21 crew to find water on Mars, bringing us all closer to seeing humans set off for the red planet!

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