Contractor Presenting at Segal Design at the Intersections Series on November 15th

Join Segal Design Institute for the third talk in the “Design at the Intersections” series, featuring Wei Chen, chair and professor of mechanical engineering, and Noshir Contractor, Jane S. & William J. White Professor of Behavioral Sciences. This talk will be on November 15th, from 4PM to 5PM CT. In this talk, Chen and Contractor will discuss their view of design as a system that incorporates the people (designers and customers), the processes and methods designers use, the artifacts or outcomes of design, and the socio-technical environment in which design takes place. They will introduce their research journey, in which they work across the disciplines of engineering and social sciences using network modeling to understand design complexity. They will demonstrate how data-driven network science is an effective approach for analyzing such complexity, to support product design decisions and assemble design teams. Specific examples will include the use of multidimensional network analysis and graph neural networks for understanding customer preferences, and the use of a social network approach to studying the design of teams composed of humans as well as teams composed of human and autonomous agents.

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