ANN-SONIC-NICO Workshop Tweets


ANN-SONIC-NICO Workshop Tweets


Below are links to a collection of tweets using the #teamnetsci tag arranged chronologically and separated by presentation. Click on the presenter name or associated picture to view the relevant tweets.  For a full list of the storied tweets, visit If any link gives a 404 error, refresh the page.

Opening Tweets
                        Brian Uzzi                 Andrea Hollingshead

Teamnetsci1    Teamnetsci2   Andrea

Joe Labianca
                  Anita Wooley                   Noshir Contractor

Labianca   Collective Intelligence   Noshir

Balazs Vedres
                  Leslie DeChurch               Ethan Bernstein

Vedres    DeChurch  Bernstein

End of Day One: Keynote Speaker Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland




Jiawei Han         Ray Reagans         Jonathan Cummings          Closing Panel

HanReagansCummingsClosing Panel