SONIC Team Members Receive Departmental Honors and Distinctions

As the academic year comes to a close, SONIC congratulates all team members who have received honors and distinctions! The student award winners by department are as follows:

PhD Award Winners:
– Neelam Modi: Best TA Award (IEMS)
– Vsevolod Suschevskiy: Outstanding TA Award (CS)

Communication Studies Award Winners:
– Jessica Cheng: George M. Sargent Award and Honors for Undergraduate Thesis
– Supraja Sudarsan: Departmental Excellence
– Glenna Wang: Departmental Excellence
– Alison Casler: Departmental Excellence

IEMS Award Winners:
– Mika Ng: IEMS Department Award, Academic Excellence Award
– Mark MacGuidwin: IEMS Department Award, Academic Excellence Award
– Victoria Shi: Academic Excellence Award

Congratulations to all!

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