C-IKNOW Visualizer

Contact: Willem Pieterson (wpieterson@northwestern.edu)
C-IKNOW Visualizer provides an interactive, easy to use and more functional online/offline visualization tool. It can dynamically generate any sub-network without data preparation, easy for users to get different network and different layout by clicking a single button. It can further direct user get additional node/link information.

As of September 2012, C-IKNOW Visualizer is no longer under active development. It can still be used, but no support is available. It should be used at your own risk The source code for C-IKNOW Visualizer is available on GitHub, for anyone to maintain or use themselves

(see https://github.com/organizations/soniclab).

C-IKNOW development is supported primarily by grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) (KDI, Award #9980109; CI-KNOW, Award #753047) & and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
©2009 Noshir Contractor, Science of Networks in Communities (SONIC), Northwestern University, Evanston IL