McCormick Global Initiatives Hosts International Partner University Workshop

Director of McCormick Engineering Global Initiatives Matthew Grayson hosted the Four Corners Virtual Workshop on Sustainability– a series of small-group research brainstorming sessions between four international universities (Northwestern, Tel Aviv University (TAU), National Taiwan University (NTU), and the University of Hamburg (UH)). With so much academic talent in one place, Grayson relied on SONIC Director Noshir Contractor’s new match-making algorithm to formulate groups of between 3-6 attendees, generating 47 research collaborations on dozens of topics between combinations of researchers across all participating universities. SONIC Alum Diego Gomez-Zara worked together with Grayson and the Global Initiatives Staff to compile a survey that matched researchers and automated the team-building process. Congrats Diego! The workshop noted a highly successful example of SONIC research initiatives in action. For more information on the process and workshop, read more.

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