New App Will Integrate 37 Social Networks and Music Sites Into One Simple Feed

“A new web and mobile platform plans to simplify our online lives by providing users access to all of their accounts in one place. Squidlle will integrate dozens of social networks and sites for music, video, images, design and blogging and create one combined feed for all of them. The product-whose odd name we assume was created with an algorithmic name generator-just launched on Indiegogo.”

This new app could provide interesting research opportunities for looking at the networks of Social Network Sites. Think of each SNS as a node and the connections (direct or indirect links) as edges.

“Users will be able to browse updates from various accounts on one combined feed, post and message across all of their accounts at once and even use multiple accounts from the same service (like personal and professional Twitter handles). They’ll also be able to hide specific content, save posts or links as “read later,” create lists, save drafts and customize notifications.”


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