Noshir Contractor presents “Deep Space Teamwork” at CommFest 2018

Are we really going to Mars? The astronautical community certainly believes the answer is β€œyes.” Scientists all over the world are solving puzzles related to rocket reusability, human resistance to radiation exposure, and terraforming Mars to warm it up and give it a breathable atmosphere. The scientific challenges of a Mars mission are not confined to physical science and engineering. Once the rockets are built and tested, we will ultimately be sending human teams off to explore the galaxy. A central mission parameter for deep space exploration is teamwork. Communication Studies Professors Leslie DeChurch and Noshir Contractor are working with NASA to assemble and support inter-planetary dream teams. In this session, we will share the current plans for space travel and colonization, provide a behind the scenes look at how we are designing teams, and help you design dream teams back on Earth.

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