Press coverage for Mars Mission research

National Geo Mars Journey

EurekAlert! EurekAlert! – “Northwestern study of analog crews in isolation reveals weak spots for Mission to Mars.”

The Globe and Mail The Globe and Mail – “NASA experiments suggest problems lie ahead for astronauts during Mars mission.”

ScienceDaily Science Daily – “Weak spots for Mission to Mars revealed.” 

The Times of India The Times of India – “Weak spots for Nasa’s manned Mars mission revealed.” New Atlas – “Simulated space journeys to help keep the peace on manned trips to Mars.”

The Daily Galaxy The Daily Galaxy – “Super Humans – NASA Tackles Perils of Astronaut Mission to Mars: 250 Million-Mile Journey.”

Image result for the economist logo The Economist Babbage Podcast – “Joker AAAStrounauts.” 

Livestream AAAS Annual Meeting – “Building a Winning Team for Missions to Mars.” 

Image result for the economist logo The Economist  – “The problems of flying to Mars – Astronauts will have to worry about space radiation – and also each other.”

Tech2 Tech2 – “NASA developing models to predict conflicts among crew members for manned Mars missions.” 

Global Science Global Science – “Pensiero creativo e problem solving: gli umani sfidano Marte.”

El Comercio El Comercio – “Marte | Científicos trabajan en modelo para evitar “fallos psicológicos” en futuros viajes.”

EuropaPress – “Un modelo para predecir fallos psicológicos en el viaje a Marte.”

Electronic Component News Electronic Component News – “Mars Mission Gets Help from Predictive Model, Helps NASA Anticipate Conflicts.” – “Astronauts Struggle with Finishing Tasks on Mock Space Missions.”

CBC CBC Radio – “It’s like a hall of mirrors: In a spacecraft, personalities work better than others.” Northwestern News – “Northwestern study of analog crews in isolation reveals weak spots for Mission to Mars.” 

cnBeta.COM – “西北大学开展模拟太空旅行计划 帮助宇航员更顺利抵达火星” – “Space agencies preparing for 3-year round-trip journey to Mars.” – “Lot na Marsa będzie jeszcze trudniejszy…”

The Daily Northwestern The Daily Northwestern – “Northwestern professors build model for NASA Mars expedition.” North by Northwestern – “On a mission to Mars, teamwork makes the dream work.”

The Times of India The Times of India – “Mental health of Mars’ crew to be monitored.”

WBEZ WBEZ – “Who Can Handle Trip To Mars? Northwestern Helps NASA Predict Strains On Astronauts.”

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