Noshir Contractor and Leslie DeChurch presented at SIOP 2017: Exploring New Frontiers: Building Better Teams on Earth and Beyond

On Friday, April 28th, Noshir and Leslie presented a paper Exploring New Frontiers: Building Better Teams on Earth and Beyond in a symposium at the 2017 SIOP conference in Orlando, Florida.

Jacqueline Ng, Brennan Antone, Zachary Gibson, Suzanne T. Bell, Leslie A. DeChurch, Noshir Contractor: Crew Recommender for Effective Work in Space: CREWS

The prospect of sending a team to Mars by the year 2030 challenges organizational scientists to build new conceptual lenses and leverage advanced analytic and computational methods to hasten understanding and prediction of team performance. This symposium showcases 5 recent advances, all inspired by the challenge of space exploration.

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