SONIC Speaker Series Presents: Sadat Shami

The SONIC Speaker Series presents

N. Sadat Shami

Director, Center for Engagement and Social Analytics IBM

The Application of Social Analytics to Understand and Improve Organizational Outcomes

SONIC Lab is proud to welcome N. Sadat Shami of IBM. Dr. Shami will speak on Monday, February 26th, 2017 at 10 AM in Frances Searle Building, Room 1-483. Please contact Dr. Michael Schultz with any questions.



The increased adoption of social media in the enterprise provides an opportunity for organizations to receive real-time feedback from employees on organizational issues. Enterprise social media provides a platform for employees to express their thoughts and opinions on organizational programs, policies, and strategies through unstructured text in status updates, blogs, online community forums etc. Such textual data can be mined to generate insights about the employee experience. Research has shown that organizations that take into consideration employee feedback in organizational decision-making are more productive, and have employees that are more engaged with the organization. In this talk, he will first describe the design and use of Social Pulse – a tool to make sense of large- scale social media text generated by employees of an organization while preserving privacy. He will then describe how social media text mined by Social Pulse, combined with an organization’s hierarchical network structure can be used in statistical models to predict outcomes of interest to an organization, focusing on the particular case of employee engagement, and how it spreads in an organization.

N. Sadat Shami leads Talent Development, Engagement and Social Analytics for IBM. He has responsibility for analytics, insights and strategy around leadership, learning, inclusion, employee engagement and IBMer social media. His team of researchers and practitioners focus on enabling better business decisions by applying AI techniques on large-scale social media, social network, and enterprise data. He has led several advanced analytics projects in the employee engagement and social space, showing linkage with various outcomes of interest to IBM. Sadat has a PhD in Information Science from Cornell University, has published over 20 articles in highly selective peer-reviewed conferences and journals, and has lived in five countries.

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