Noshir and Leslie will be delivering the Welcome Plenary at INGroup 2020

We are excited to announce that our Lab Director Noshir Contractor and ATLAS’ Lab Director Leslie DeChurch will be delivering the Welcome Plenary titled Teaming in the Time of COVID-19: Reconfiguration of Workplace Communication Networks” at the 15th Annual 2020 INGRoup Conference.
They will present their latest work on Enterprise Social Media and the effect COVID-19 has on the nature of work and teams. As many of us may have known, COVID-19 strongly affected the working force, forcing many, if not all, companies to transition to remote work. This transition, in turn, changed an organization’s communication structure and produced interesting effects.
Check out a full description of their speech here and join the livestream here. It’ll be this Thursday (Oct 1) from 10AM – 11AM EDT.
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How to get started with p*/ERGM

What’s all this about p*/ERGM? So you’ve just experienced Prof. Noshir Contractor’s keynote, and he was all over this new-fangled technique for the statistical modeling of social networks, and you’ve never heard of it. Curious? Try one of these articles from our collaborators, generally acknowledged as excellent starting points:

Read both – a slight edge to Robins, Pattison, Kalish and Lusher on the strength of their Figures which may elicit a genuine “Ah, ha!” moment, while the worked examples in Anderson, Wasserman, and Crouch are more substantial.

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Noshir Contractor Presents Keynote at Rutgers University Conference

Professor Noshir Contractor will present a keynote lecture entitled “Social and Knowledge Network-Building to Advance Global Health Decision-Making”  at Rutgers University’s “Advancing Global Health Decision-Making” conference. The conference will be held May 20-21, 2011 and marks the launch of a new initiative on health decision- making by EABIS, Rutgers Universiy, and Johnson & Johnson.

The conference website can be found at:

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