Celebrating three paper acceptances at OCMC 2019

We are delighted to share that SONIC has three submissions accepted for talk presentations at the 2019 Organizational Communication Mini-Conference!

Our graduate student, Diego Gómez-Zará, will share his thoughts and findings regarding the diversity paradox in team formations. Contrary to the belief that diversity can bring benefits to groups, individuals might avoid working with dissimilar others. Drawing from homophily and diversity theories, he will unfold the interesting and critical results regarding the impact of one’s perception of team diversity and one’s willingness to work with diverse collaborators. 

Kyosuke Tanaka, another graduate student at SONIC, who also recently presented at AoM 2019, will explore the role of networking routing error in a specific context — knowledge sharing in organizations. Whereas the study of errors in routing information (i.e., critical information was not transferred to those needing it, or critical information was not solicited from those who possessed it) has received considerable attention in the field, Kyosuke will further advance existing work by introducing the concept of network acuity to characterize network routing errors.

Yuanxin Wang, visiting scholar from Peking University, will share her insights regarding team processes and their impact on performance in enterprise social media (ESM). To date, there is a lack of research concerning the dynamics of team processes and enterprise social media, despite a rise in the use of online social networks for business interests and activities. Addressing this research gap, Yuanxin will share her observations and findings related to the patterns in the occurrence of transition, action and interpersonal processes across time stages, and how these variations might impact project-based team performance. Her study is based on server logs of ESM data from a Chinese startup company.

Congratulations, Diego, Kyosuke, and Yuanxin, and thank you for all of your hard work!

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