Kyosuke passing dissertation prospectus & paper acceptance at the journal of Applied Network Science

Last Friday was a big day for Kyosuke Tanaka, PhD candidate in the Media, Technology, and Society (MTS) Program.

His paper with Dr. Agnes Horvat , “(Un)intended Consequences of Networking in Individual and Network-level Efficiency,” has been accepted for publication in Applied Network Science. In their work, they looked into the differential effects of structural and frequency change on the efficiency of information flow through a network.  Whereas existing literature has focused predominantly on structural change, that is, the addition and deletion of communication ties, their research also pointed to an understudied aspect of personal networking: frequency change (the increase or decrease of communication on existing ties). To study these effects, they conducted simulations of networking approaches on a diverse set of real-world directed weighted communication networks and contributed their findings. Currently, the publication is in press. We will share the link it once it is published.

On the same day, Kyosuke also successfully passed his dissertation prospectus! His proposed title is Toward Understanding Human Information Routing in Communication Networks. His committee members are Drs. Noshir Contractor (advisor), Leslie DeChurch, and Agnes Horvat from Northwestern University, and Dr. Matthew Brashears from University of South Carolina.

Double congratulations to Kyosuke, and we look forward to seeing his dissertation coming along!

Left to Right: Dr. Agnes Horvat, Dr. Leslie DeChurch, Kyosuke Tanaka, Dr. Noshir Contractor.

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