Gates Paper Award & Other Awards

Gates paper awards for Organizational and individual innovation decisions in an interorganizational system: Social influence and decision-making authority. Journal of Communication, 70(4), 497-521.

1) 2022 Randall Harrison Outstanding Article Award, Information Systems Division, International Communication Association

2) 2021 Article of the Year Award, Honorable Mention, Organizational Communication Division, National Communication Association

3) 2021 Bill Eadie Distinguished Scholarly Article Award, Applied Communication Division, National Communication Association

Sophia Fu’s dissertation awards (with N. Contractor as the dissertation committee member):

1) 2020 Gabriel G. Rudney Memorial Award for Outstanding Dissertation Research, Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action

2) 2020 Outstanding Dissertation Research, Association for Chinese Communication Studies

3) 2019 Gerald R. Miller Dissertation Award, National Communication Association

4) 2019 W. Charles Redding Dissertation Award, Organizational Communication Division, International Communication Association

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