Brennan Antone

Graduate Student Researcher

Office: Frances Searle Building 1-459C


Research Interests: Models of selection and influence in social networks. Predictive and prescriptive models for network science. Social influence and decision making. Team assembly.

Full CV

Keywords: social network models, decision making in networks, social influence, team assembly, machine learning in networks

Brennan is a PhD Candidate in Industrial Engineering and Management Science at Northwestern University. To learn more about him please visit his personal website at brennanantone.comfollow his twitter account @brennan_antone and see his linked in here.


  • B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Management Science and Psychology, Northwestern University.

Project Contributions:

  • NASA Crews: Analyzing team composition and social relations within crews for long-duration space exploration.
  • Gates Family Planning: Modeling social influence and communication patterns about modern contraception use in large-scale networks collected from two villages in rural Kenya.
  • Enterprise Social Media: Examining how social media platforms designed for workplace use (ex. Slack) can be used to predict and monitor social relations and collaborations within organizations.