New Data Science Interns this Fall!

This quarter, we have two new data science interns at the SONIC Research Group: Aida Baimenova and Piyush Kalkute. Both of them took Professor Noshir’s Social Network Analytics class in the past and have been interested in social networks ever since. 

Aida Baimenova is a junior at the IEMS department. She will be working with our grad student Kyosuke on Project RED, a multi-team problem-solving exercise designed for NASA to help their effort in sending a multidisciplinary team to Mars in the next 20 years. Piyush is a graduate student pursuing Computer Science. He will be working with our Research Assistant Professor Alina and our second-year graduate student Jasmine on the Science of Team Science project that aims to understand and assemble cross-boundary teams to conduct clinical and translational science. 

Head over to our Data Science Intern page here to learn a little bit more about them!

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