Two new book chapters in Psychology and Human Performance in Space Programs

Sharing some wonderful news — We have two new book chapters published! Congratulations to our SONIC authors: graduate student Brennan Antone, Research Assistant Professor Alina Lungeanu, and Lab Director Noshir Contractor.

Other authors include Suzanne Bell from KBR, Jessica Mesmer-Magnus from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and Alexa Harris, Ashley Niler and Leslie DeChurch from Northwestern University (ATLAS Lab).


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Check out our latest publication!

We are beyond thrilled to share our latest publication at the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, Patent Similarity Data and Innovation Metrics.

Congratulations to authors Drs. Ryan Whalen, Alina Lungeanu, Leslie de Church, and Noshir Contractor!

Citation: Whalen, R., Lungeanu, A., DeChurch, L. and Contractor, N. (2020), Patent Similarity Data and Innovation Metrics. Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 17: 615-639. doi:10.1111/jels.12261

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The perils of corporate social networks

Noshir Contractor was quoted in a recent article published in Bloomberg Businessweek, discussing some of the issues in companies’ internal social networks:

Some sociologists warn that with so many people making gaffes on Twitter and Facebook, companies should prepare for similar behavior on internal social networks. “Because this started out in the social sphere before the corporate sphere, people will bring the same cavalier attitude,” says Noshir Contractor, a professor of behavioral sciences at Northwestern University. “When people locate something in their mind as being informal, they get in trouble.” That could create problems for employees who are too open on services like Yammer and Chatter, a rival product sold by “When you’re considered for a promotion … anything you said on Yammer will be used in some cases to determine if you’re qualified,” Contractor says.

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Multidimensional Networks and the Dynamics of Sociomateriality in IJOC

SONIC director Noshir Contractor,  SONIC faculty member Paul M. Leonardi, and ANN collaborator,  Peter Monge, recently published an article in the International Journal of Communication, “Network Theory | Multidimensional Networks and the Dynamics of Sociomateriality: Bringing Technology Inside the Network.” The full article is available in PDF online at

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Network Multidimensionality Prologue in IJOC

SONIC director Noshir Contractor was recently published in the International Journal of Communication, publication entitled,  “Prologue to the Special Section: Network Multidimensionality in the Digital Age.” The prologue was written by University of Southern California professors  Manuel Castells and Peter Monge, and SONIC director Noshir Contractor. The PDF of the prologue is available online at:

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