Tim Hannigan to present in the SONIC speaker series

Tim Hannigan will be presenting a SONIC speaker series talk at 2:30pm on February 27th in room 1-421 of the Frances Searle Building. Tim is a Doctoral Candidate at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

In his upcoming talk, Tim will focus on his research on the evolution of product ontologies. As
cognitive representations packaging up product attributes, use-cases and buyer
characteristics, these knowledge structures become embedded as market categories.
This talk will show that the fuzzy-front end of a product market is marked by ambiguity
and uncertainty around definitions and concepts that appear in the form of rumour.
Using a computer-aided text analysis on discourse of “tech-bloggers”, Tim will show that
this uncertain knowledge is refracted by social media into semantic networks that
demonstrate the emergence of meaning structures.


How Product Ontologies Evolve: Evidence From Recent History of the Tablet Computer


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