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Aaron M. Schecter receives the J. Richard Hackman Award at INGRoup 2018

Aaron M. Schecter receives the J. Richard Hackman Award at INGRoup 2018

Aaron M. Schecter, SONIC alumnus and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management Science, received the 2018 J. Richard Hackman Award for his Ph.D. dissertation at INGroup 2018. The conference recognizes recent graduate students whose dissertation shows the greatest potential to advance the study of groups. (more…)  read more »


Research Lab Manager Position

The SONIC research group and ATLAS laboratory at Northwestern University invite applications for a research lab manager to support lab directors Noshir Contractor (SONIC) and Leslie DeChurch (ATLAS) on administrative and operational aspects of their research portfolios. The lab manager will be responsible for supporting... read more »


SONIC Lab presented at INGRoup 2018

On July 19-21, Professor Noshir Contractor, the SONIC doctoral students Diego Gómez-Zará and Brennan Antone, and the SONIC Research Assistant Professor Alina Lungeanu presented at the 13th Annual INGRoup Conference held in Bethesda, Maryland. (more…)  read more »


Koustav Rudra attended SIGIR 2018 Conference

Koustav Rudra presented his work on “Identifying Sub-events and Summarizing Disaster-Related Information from Microblogs” in The 41st International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval. The conference was held at Ann Arbor, Michigan from 8th to 12th July, 2018.  read more »


Multidimensional Understanding of Tie Strength

An article “The weakness of tie strength” in the current issue of Social Networks unpacked three elements related to the strength of ties: capacity, frequency, and redundancy. The case with an email network shows that the three elements are not highly correlated and are likely to reflect different dimensions of ties.... read more »


Kyosuke Tanaka and Diego Gómez-Zará attend SICSS Chicago 2018

The SONIC Ph.D. students, Kyouske Tanaka and Diego Gómez-Zará, participated at the Summer Institute in Computational Social Science, in Chicago. The purpose of the Summer Institute was to bring together graduate students and early career researchers in both social science and data science. Content included live-streamed... read more »


Noshir Contractor’s paper accepted at ASONAM 2018

Noshir Contractor co-authored a paper titled, “Generative Modeling of Human Behavior and Social Interactions Using Abductive Analysis”, with Yihui Ren, Vanessa Cedeno-Mieles, Zhihao Hu, Xinwei Deng, Abhjijin Adiga, Christopher Barrett, Saliya Ekanayake, Joshua Epstein, Brian Goode, Gizem Korkmaz, Christopher... read more »


Noshir Contractor presents at a NetSci 2018 satellite workshop in Paris

Noshir Contractor’s presentation, titled “Deep Space Collaboration: Impact of Social Networks on Task Switching in Collaborative Work”, was co-authored with Alina Lungeanu, Patrick Park, and Leslie A. DeChurch.  This was presented at a NetSci 2018 satellite workshop in Paris, France on June 12, 2018. ... read more »


Using networks to analyze soccer

Engineering professor Luís Amaral has investigated complex social and structural networks in areas ranging from healthcare and biology to gender discrimination and gun violence. His diverse research interests and innate curiosity eventually led him to study soccer — his favorite sport.  read more »


Social Media for Opioid Addiction Epidemiology: Automatic Detection of Opioid Addicts from Twitter and Case Studies

A recent research from West Virginia University shows how to detect opioid addicted people from large structured heterogeneous networks using transductive learning. Check out the paper:  read more »