Past Projects

Chilean Student Movement >

The role of social movement organizations in Twitter: Evidence from the Chilean StudentMovement


Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

Engineering Design >

Multidimensional Network Analysis for Analyzing and Predicting Complex Customer-Product Relations in Engineering Design

MTS Simulation >

The Coevolution of Multi-dimensional Dynamic Networks of Multi-team Systems Related to Organization Effectiveness

Nebula >

Fostering Effective Online Discussion in Higher Education with ‘Nebula’, a Graphical Interface for Discussion Boards

NetSe >

Large: Collaborative Research: Contagion in Large Socio-communication Networks


Effects of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Flow Experience of Social Network Sites for Seniors and the Moderating Role of Anxiety Attachment

Scaling-Up >

Planning Knowledge Networks for Scaling Up Impact


Research Coordination Network on Leveraging Computational Social Science for Understanding Virtual Organizations

SciTS >

Annual Science of Team Science Conference

Scientific Workforce>

Modeling scientific workforce dynamics using social network analysis

SoCS >

Leveraging Shared Social Interest in a Content Centric Internet

Synthetic Information Systems >

Synthetic Information Systems for Better Informing Public Health Policymakers

Threadless >

Understanding Online Creative Collaboration Over Multidimensional Networks