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Contractor to present at Chicago Humanities Festival

Contractor presented “Traces in a Tangled Web” on October 16 at the Chicago Humanities Festival. For more information follow the link:  read more »


Contractor to deliver plenary address at CIC CIO Tech Forum

Noshir Contractor will deliver a plenary address titled “Understanding and Enabling Collaboration in 21st Century Teams” at the CIC CIO TechForum 2011 on October 11, 2011. The Tech Forum is held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, in Champaign, Illinois. For further details see:  read more »


Two upcoming SONIC presentations

Two SONIC lab PhD researchers will present at this weekend’s Organizational Communication Mini Conference at the University of Missouri in Columbia.  Alina Lungeanu is presenting a paper titled “A network perspective on success in collaboration: Stop citing me for your own good?” exploring patterns... read more »


Video Lectures of Virtual World Observatory presentations

Brian Keegan presented Virtual World Observatory research at the ACM Web Science and AAAI International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM) this summer. Video lectures of these presentations and the slide decks are now available: Web Science: ICWSM:... read more »


SONIC will present paper in San Antonio

SONIC researcher Yun Huang and lab director Noshir Contractor will present their paper entitled “Understanding and Enabling Network Dynamics in Virtual Communities” in San Antonio on August 16th. The presentation will be at the symposium on Dynamics of Virtual Organizations at the annual meeting of the Academy... read more »


ICWSM Presentation

Brian Keegan presented on behalf of the Virtual World Observatory’s gold farming team at the 2011 AAAI International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM). A copy of the paper titled “Trust Amongst Rogues? A Hypergraph Approach for Comparing Clandestine Trust Networks in MMOGs” can be found here... read more »


Video Presentation from WebSci11

A video of Brian Keegan’s presentation of the “Computational Social Science of Clandestine Organizations” at the Web Science 2011 conference is available online:  read more »


Yun Huang presented in ICSN at Austin TX

June 3rd, Dr. Yun Huang presented the paper “Distance Matters: Exploring Proximity and Homophily in a Virtual World” co-authored with Cuihua Shen and Noshir Contractor in the First International Conference of Theory and Applications of Social Networks at Austin, Texas. This study analyzes the impacts of distance, time... read more »


Virginia Tech Talk: Petascale Level Network Analysis

“Conducting social network analysis at the petascale level: Challenges and Opportunities” was the title of Professor Noshir Contractor’s Presentation for Virginia Tech’s Annual Workshop on Network Science. The presentation was June 2nd in Blacksburg, VA.  read more »


Noshir Contractor Presents at “Profiting from the New Web”

Professor Noshir Contractor presented at “Profiting from the New Web,” May 23, 2011. The event was hosted at the Royal Society in London. Professor Contractor was a speaker on the panel “Is every company a media company?” View video from the conference featuring Professor Contractor here:  read more »