Contractor presents at Network Science Institute, Boston – “People Analytics: Understanding and Enabling the Future of Work.”

To bring the performance of people analytics up—and in line with the hype— organizations need to do more than analyze data on demographic attributes.  They need to employ relational analytics, which examines data on how people interact, to identify “high potentials,” who has good ideas, who is influential, what teams will get work done on time, and more. Companies can mine their “digital exhaust”—data created by employees every day in their digital transactions, such as e‐mails, chats, “likes,” “follows,” @mentions, and file collaboration—for insights into their workforce. Drawing from our ongoing research on space missions, as well as from a large body of other scholars’ research, we identify structural signatures to help organizations address challenges they face with issues such as team conflict, team assembly, diversity and inclusion, succession planning, team assembly, and post-merger integration.


Citation: Contractor, N. (2019, April). People Analytics: Understanding and Enabling the Future of Work. Speaker at Northeastern University’s Network Science Institute, Boston, MA.

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