Diego Presenting at the National Communication Association (NCA) Convention 2020

Our gradaute student Diego Gomez-Zara is going to present his research on team formation at the upcoming National Communication Association (NCA) Convention. The 106th Annual NCA Convention will be fully virtual and will cover topics surroounding Communication at the Crossroads. Diego’s presentation will be live from 7-9AM CST and is part of the Information Seeking, Impressions, and Technology.

More information about the presentation can be found here: https://ww4.aievolution.com/nca2001/index.cfm?do=ev.viewEv&ev=11014

Title: Do I Know You? The Effects of Offline Social Capital on Self-Assembled Teams Online

Abstract: This study investigates how individuals’ offline social capital affects the formation of teams in online contexts. We conducted a study with 854 participants who assembled teams using an online platform developed for this study and examined how they sent invitations to assemble teams to others, as well as their responses to others’ invitations. Through a family of statistical models for analyzing social network data, ERGMs, the result suggests that participants’ prior offline relationships have strong effects on the likelihood of being invited and accepted in a team. We found that the strength of offline relationships, the number of weak and strong ties, and leadership experience influenced the processes of team formation online. This study provides empirical support for social capital theories that explain how teams emerge online.

Citation: Gómez-Zará, D., DeChurch, L. A., & Contractor, N. S. Do I Know You? The Effects of Offline Social Capital on Self-Assembled Teams Online. Accepted at the NCA 106th Annual Convention.

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