Niloufar presenting at INFORMS 2020

Our graduate student, Niloufar Izadinia, presented at the 2020 Virtual INFORMS Annual Meeting today (11/13). Her presentation titled Optimization-based Metrics Of Multilevel Performance In Multiteam Systems will be available for the next three months.


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Below please find the abstract and link to the presentation.


Abstract: Members in Multiteam system (MTS) have to negotiate making decisions that optimize their individual performance vis a vis the performance of their team and the MTS. Further, the performance of an individual or a team is constrained by decisions made by others with whom they are independent. Organizational research has generally not accounted for these interdependencies when measuring performance, In this study, we develop optimization-based metrics for assessing the performance of individuals, teams, and MTS that take into account these constraints. We demonstrate that our metrics are valid, reliable, and superior to existing metrics as predictors and outcomes of team states and processes.


Link to Presentation:


Note: If you’re not a registered for the annual meeting, you’ll still be able to access the event and watch Niloufar’s presentation by creating an account.

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